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Why You Should Seek Help from a Healing Holistic Therapist

Dealing with emotional or physical pain is no joke, and it can sometimes make it feel impossible to wake up in the morning, go to work, or simply function throughout life. There are many circumstances that can lead to emotional health challenges from environmental situations and lifestyle to intergenerational trauma.

There are countless benefits from holistic therapy that impact not only your mind, but also your body and spirit. A holistic therapist will help you examine your life from all directions so you can reframe your mindset and habits to best serve you.

In this article, I share why you should seek support from a healing holistic therapist.

What is Holistic Therapy?

At its most elemental form, holistic therapy addresses blockages within the mind, body, and spirit to support longevity, prevent chronic illness, and promote joy and abundance in daily life.

While holistic therapy is a modern-day buzzword in the mental health community, the reality is that these practices have deep roots in Ancient Greek philosophy, Ayurveda, and traditional Chinese medicine.

Western mental health professionals have recently begun implementing holistic modalities into their practices. Emotional Polarity Technique ™, or EPT™, is the primary method I use in my space, which integrates promoting flow of the body’s energy with modern day research about forgiveness, gratitude, breathwork, and affirmation statement.

What are the Benefits of Seeing a Holistic Therapist?

While there is a massive amount of anecdotal evidence to support holistic therapy, there are also growing bodies of scientific research illuminating the benefits of these modalities. Many sources show that holistic healing can help with conditions such as:

In 2019, this study of 230 women in India showed that 1 month of holistic stress management helped relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. Another study suggests that diaphragmatic breathing improves cognitive function and lowers stress.

Find the Root Cause of Your Emotional Pain

When you see a holistic therapist, they will look at your challenges from every direction to see what environmental factors could be impacting your mood. These factors may look like:

  • Diet/Sedentary lifestyle

  • Family/Relationship challenges

  • Dehydration

  • Substance abuse

  • Academic/career difficulties

  • Injuries or facial differences

Through the thoroughly developed Emotional Polarity Technique™, Jolisa Clare will help you find the root of your trauma and where it is located within the body. Parts of our nervous system in various parts of the body may “memorize” emotional or physical pain, holding onto it for years or even generations.

Relieve Unnecessary Stress with Mindfulness

Stress is the body’s reaction to undesirable stimuli or concern about things that are out of our control. With a holistic therapist, you can develop mindfulness practices to help you manage intense feelings that arise when you’re triggered by a certain thing in your reality.

A holistic therapist will teach you how to observe the sensations that appear when you encounter a certain obstacle, whether literal or mental. This will help you realize that everything is temporary and negative feelings don’t last forever.

If you can get into the ‘observer’ headspace instead of taking a beating from your thoughts, you will feel the weight fall off your shoulders.

Already convinced you could benefit from a holistic therapist? If it resonates, then it’s probably the case! Call Jolisa Clare for your free consultation - 765-382-6996.

Forgive Yourself & Your Past

After your EPT™ Holistic Therapist identifies the root cause of your emotional blockage, they will develop a series of unique statements for you to repeat. These forgiveness affirmation statements help you rewire your brain to let go of past mistakes, forgiving both your pain and its cause.

This ability to let go will prevent you from holding onto painful memories, past mistakes and embarrassments, and worries about the future.

Don’t Merely ‘Survive’ - Learn How to Live with Jolisa

When it comes to your emotional health, you deserve to feel full of life and joy! Life will never stop throwing challenges our way. But what CAN stop is your body and mind reacting to those challenges in a negative and hopeless way.

If you’re ready to let go of the struggles holding you back and truly heal from the inside out, reach out to my practice. Abundance and fulfillment are your birth-right, and I want to ensure that you believe that.


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