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Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety can plague us at many points in our life, from when we are toddlers spending time away from Mom to young adults going off to college. 

Separation anxiety can be caused by 'normal' rite-of-passage life events, but it can also be triggered by more significant trauma such as the loss of a loved one, going through a divorce or experiencing your parent's divorce, and more.


Fortunately, with holistic modalities such as EPT™, we can reframe our perspective of this anxiety in order to see it as a guide rather than something to resist or be ashamed of. Only by letting our core wounds rise to the surface can we let them go and set ourselves free.

Through non-invasive techniques guided by a well-developed emotional peg chart and decision tree format, I will help you process what you are experiencing to release the fear keeping you stuck.

Symptoms of
Separation Anxiety:

  • extreme distress before and during separation

  • substantial worry about losing the attachment figure

  • significant worry about events that may lead to separation

  • fear of being along

  • chronic nightmares about separation

  • physical symptoms such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, nausea, excessive sweating, and muscle tension in anticipation or in the face of separation


We will begin our session with a collaborative discussion to pinpoint your goals for your health and state-of-being. Once we have established what aspect of your past, present, or future to work on, we will use deep breathing & grounding techniques preparing us for optimal wellness session.



I will then implement bioenergetic muscle testing to locate the blockages within your body that are creating this fear of abandonment or loss. Various organs and body systems are connected to different emotional responses. This information will help me develop forgiveness statements.



At this point during our session, we will balance the body's response to trauma and the emotional imbalance with magnets. Our telehealth clients can purchase their own magnets or simply place the palm or back side of their hands over the specified energy centers of the body.



Forgiveness is the fastest way to resolve any conflict.  Speaking words out loud rather than just thinking them greatly increases their impact. One's own voice has healing effects due to resonant frequencies in the body. You will be guided through a series of tailored for you forgiveness statements, healing affirmations, and breathwork. 

You will leave Jolisa Clare Holistic feeling lighter, vibrant, and one step closer to your most authentic self. Heal your trauma today.

Find Fulfillment with Jolisa Clare

Separation anxiety will no longer keep you imprisoned in its grasp. By letting go of control, your anxiety will release its control over you.

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