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Working Through Intergenerational Trauma

Whether you realize it or not, you may be holding onto trauma from your ancestors. This can create blockages and harmful habit cycles in your life, preventing you from accomplishing your goals and bringing your desires into reality.

When one experiences trauma, especially repeatedly, the nervous system is trained to remain stuck in a response state of fight, flight, freeze, or fawn. This can have serious consequences on one's physical and mental health as a result of epigenetics, or gene expression as a result of the environment.  

These gene expression patterns can be passed down through a lineage, causing intergenerational trauma in individuals who otherwise may not feel that they've experienced anything traumatic.

Through non-invasive techniques guided by a well-developed emotional peg chart and decision tree format, we can move this deep subconscious trauma out of your system and retrain your nervous system to process stress with ease. 


Circumstances that May Lead to Intergenerational Trauma:

  • ​Separation of children from family 

  • Addiction

  • Adoption

  • War 

  • Famine and natural disasters 

  • Indoctrination into a cult or abusive religious organization 

  • Global or national crises, such as the Great Depression 

  • Genocide or ‘ethnic cleansing’ 

  • Verbal or physical violence, sexual abuse, or neglect 

  • The death or incarceration of a parent 

  • Systemic racism, discrimination, or oppression 

  • Long-term financial stress or poverty 

  • Colonization 

  • Enslavement 

  • Cultural genocide (including loss of language, culture, and traditions) 

  • Forced migration 


We will begin our session with a collaborative discussion to pinpoint your goals for your health and state-of-being. Once we have established what aspect of your past, present, or future to work on, we will use deep breathing & grounding techniques preparing us for optimal wellness session.



I will then implement bioenergetic muscle testing to locate the trauma stored in the body related to the aspect of self you are working on healing. Various organs and body systems are connected to different emotional responses. This information will help me develop forgiveness statements.



At this point during our session, we will balance the body's response to trauma and the emotional imbalance with magnets. Our telehealth clients can purchase their own magnets or simply place the palm or back side of their hands over the specified energy centers of the body.



Forgiveness is the fastest way to resolve any conflict. Speaking words out loud rather than just thinking them greatly increases their impact. One's own voice has healing effects due to resonant frequencies in the body. You will be guided through a series of tailored  forgiveness statements, healing affirmations, and breathwork. 

You will leave Jolisa Clare Holistic feeling lighter, vibrant, and one step closer to your most authentic self. Heal your trauma today.

Find Fulfillment with Jolisa Clare

Your history may be impacting you more than you realize. Work with Jolisa Clare to find the root issues of the past causing you pain today.

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