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What is Somatic Therapy and How Can Your Family Benefit?

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

To some degree, all of us have experienced trauma, whether the smaller microtraumas that we may brush off as meaningless or the “Big T” Traumas that seem to turn our worlds upside-down. Like a sinister virus that can hide dormant beneath the surface, these stressful events often house themselves within the body and impact us in our daily lives more than we realize.

Fortunately, there are many healing modalities for releasing trauma from the body. Many of these treatments, such as Emotional Polarity Technique, fall under the general category of somatic experiencing or somatic experiencing therapy.

In today’s post, I explore what somatic experiencing is and how we can implement it into our lives and families to heal and become the most abundant and fulfilled versions of ourselves.

What is Somatic Experiencing?

Somatic experiencing is a type of therapy that addresses trauma through physical sensations and feelings within the body. While many forms of mental health treatment focus on thoughts, this kind of healing emphasizes awareness on feelings within the physical body to heal pain in the emotional body.

Practicing this kind of awareness may include:

  • Paying attention to the heartbeat or breath

  • Noticing tension or relaxation within different muscles

  • Observing the sensations of different bones, organs, and parts of the physical body

In my practice, we use Emotional Polarity Technique (EPT) to locate the root of trauma that can affect you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. EPT combines somatic practices with collaborative discussion to connect to the source of discomfort. During your session, you can expect somatic experiences such as:

  • Practicing gentle breath-work

  • Placing your hands on certain parts of your body where muscle testing reveals trauma is stored

  • Exploring where you feel physical pain or tension in your body

How Somatic Experiencing Works

When you are faced with a traumatic or stressful event, the body responds with a flight, fight, or freeze reaction to protect you from further danger. Somatic experiencing is based on the concept that this response can be stored in the physical body through the autonomic nervous system and result in lingering symptoms.

By becoming aware of these points in the body where trauma is stuck, we can release them and relieve our symptoms. In my practice in Indianapolis or virtually over Zoom, we achieve this through the following somatic steps:

  1. Focus on the problem and become aware of the body’s sensations as a result

  2. Implement bioenergetic muscle testing to discover exactly where trauma is stored in the body

  3. Balance the body’s response to the root of the trauma with non-invasive magnetic manipulation and ‘self-holding’ by placing your hands on certain energetic points of your body

  4. Use the healing effects of one’s own voice to speak affirmations and forgiveness statements out loud while using breathwork.

The processes we go through are completely non-invasive and will help you and your loved ones connect with yourselves and each other on a deep level.

What Does Somatic Therapy Treat?

Somatic experiencing therapy is incredibly effective for anyone navigating trauma or other stressful events. Somatic experiencing can help those with the following mental health challenges:

  • Anger

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Physical pain

  • Fear of movement that may cause pain

  • Grief

  • Insecurity

  • Mood struggles

  • Self-doubt

  • Stress

  • Trauma

  • Invasive thoughts

My clients who have worked with me through EPT and somatic experiencing have reported fewer symptoms of depression, PTSD, physical pain, and stress. Many have additionally experienced increased mobility, mental resilience, and overall quality of life.

Schedule your in-person or telehealth Introductory EPT™ session with me, Jolisa Clare, today.

Somatic Healing for the Family

Somatic experiencing isn’t just beneficial for the individual but can help the whole family heal. The family unit is complex with many needs to be met, so it helps to have a guide on your side to help you navigate the ups and downs of life.

Somatic experiencing is also so helpful for children as they learn how to listen to what their bodies are telling them. Intuition is a skill not frequently taught to children, but it is so crucial as they learn how to move through the world, sense danger, and settle into safety.

Listen to Your Body with EPT Therapy

Learning how to effectively listen to the body takes patience. It requires stillness of the mind and awareness of what the various systems of our bodies are trying to say. Children, adults, and entire families can all benefit from this skill, which is most effectively discovered through somatic practices.

Somatic experiencing as a form of therapy can bring harbored challenges to the surface so that you can truly experience freedom. As a certified Emotional Polarity Technique practitioner, I will help you leave trauma in the past and align with your most authentic, thriving self.


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