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The EPT™ Approach

Emotional Polarity Technique, or EPT™, is an empowering holistic therapy method that will help you uncover and heal from blockages preventing you from thriving. With over 30 years of clinical success, EPT™ steps outside the box of traditional talk therapy and psychiatric medication. 

If you and your family seek lasting, sustainable, and deep healing from both micro-traumas and major trauma, step into the warm and welcoming office of Jolisa Clare, EPT™.


About Jolisa

I’m Jolisa Clare, and it is my honor, gift, and blessing to help adults, children and the occasional pet navigate life challenges and trauma through the practice of energy psychology.


By combining Eastern approaches to the mind and body with modern Western psychology and psychotherapy concepts, I offer a unique approach to holistic healing. Much of my practice is rooted in research from the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology and the Polyvagal theory.


At the heart of Polyvagal theory is the vagus nerve, the tenth cranial nerve known as “the wanderer” because it connects the brain to nearly every organ in the body. By activating the vagus nerve, one can improve anxiety and untangle themselves from chronic trauma response. 


Psychology initially thought of the nervous system as a two-part system with either activation or relaxation. The Polyvagal theory identifies a third type of nervous system response called the social engagement system, which helps us to navigate our relationships. This is how we have survived since the beginning of human existence- through our connections. In short, tapping into this system offers a new approach to how we process trauma and build nervous system regulation and resilience. 


During an Emotional Polarity Technique session, I will help you activate this system through techniques that teach the body how to live in this more flexible state rather than in a chronic “fight, flight, or freeze” response. 


My education, in addition to Emotional Polarity Technique™ certifications, includes:


  • Expert Level Life Coach certification

  • Clinical Kinesiology certification (muscle testing)

  • Youth Mental Health First Aid USA certification


My aim is to provide help to young people and their families who are experiencing mental health difficulties such as depression, anxiety disorders, and substance use disorders. Whatever challenge you may be facing, you WILL overcome.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

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