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Energy Healing: The Difference Between Emotional Polarity Technique and Reiki

Updated: May 24, 2022

In my holistic therapy practice, I implement the use of Emotional Polarity Technique™ (EPT™) to help facilitate the healing of emotional, physical, and spiritual ailments. With an understanding of anatomy and the bioenergetic field created by the body’s nervous system, I develop a unique and holistic approach to help each individual who steps into my practice.

If you have experienced the benefits of energetic healing, you may be familiar with Reiki. While Reiki and EPT share many similarities, there are key differences that may help you decide which is right for your personal healing journey. Keep scrolling to compare and contrast these two energy healing practices.

What is Emotional Polarity Technique?

When you step into my office, we’ll begin with simple muscle testing to identify sources of tension and pain, which suggests there are energetic blockages. ‘Stagnant’ energy can cause or contribute to a variety of ailments. As an Emotional Polarity Therapist, I aim to restore the energy within your body or ‘lifeforce’ through a series of polarized contacts to promote a state for healing to take place.

Since your body is made mostly out of conductive water and your nervous system is constantly creating electrical impulses, an energetic field is created by meridians within your body. This energy can be moved through energetic intention and magnets. I seek to restore the natural balance of ‘polarized’ forces, known as yin and yang, within your body.

In addition to using these techniques, I will help you unlock your natural birthright for self-forgiveness, love, and compassion. This will help you shift your perspective to live a higher quality of life.

What is Reiki Healing?

While sharing similar foundational principles regarding the energy centers of the body, Reiki tends to focus more on the spiritual side of energy healing rather than the emotional and physical side. This Japanese healing technique involves a Reiki practitioner sending intuitive healing energy from their hands into the body to promote flow and balance.

Support Your Energy with Jolisa Clare

Emotional Polarity Technique and Reiki are both powerful modalities to help those who feel stuck in life. If you always seem to find yourself facing setback after setback, energetic healing can help you flow through these blockages while shifting your mindset for a better present and future.

Through the practice of forgiveness and abundant self-love and love for others, the Emotional Polarity Technique will teach you how to make peace with life events that have caused you pain, both emotional and physical, so you can see the world through a new lens of endless love and joy.

Ready to walk down the path towards peace? Contact me, Jolisa Clare, today to schedule your free consultation - 765-382-6996.


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