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Holistic Healing for Teens

In a world where young adults are constantly bombarded by countless notifications, pressure from their peers, and expectations to succeed, learning to navigate an evolving mind and body can be overwhelming. Various factors can contribute to mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, disordered eating, and more.

Fortunately, as society grows, so do the available healing modalities to help adolescents overcome these challenges. Oftentimes, traditional techniques focus solely on psychological factors, but this does not consider the array of unique elements and deeply internalized traumas that may be housed in the body, even once processed by the mind.

As an Emotional Polarity Technique™ (EPT) practitioner, I’m here to show you how the emotional body and physical body are in direct communication and how to help you and your teen release what is no longer serving you.

A Holistic Approach

While traditional models of treatment, such as cognitive-behavior therapy, SSRIs, and other medications have helped many individuals manage their struggles, these methods don’t always work with teenagers who already may have a difficult time being vulnerable. They also may not travel deeply enough to address the core of the problem.

Holistic therapy entails approaching mental health through treatment of the mind, body, and spirit as one entity. When tackling teen mental health conditions through a holistic lens, several factors are considered including:

  • Gender

  • Personal history

  • Psychological development

  • Relationships with family, peers, and partners

  • Emotional self-regulation

  • Sense of connection to self

  • Cultural and ethnic factors

  • Self-care practices

  • Physical and behavioral needs

  • Dietary and lifestyle choices

A holistic approach is built upon the foundation that compassion and unconditional love are the key to healing. This kind of support opens up a space for vulnerability where teens can more effectively and clearly communicate their emotions to both themselves and others.

Healing Through the Body

Holistic practitioners often approach mental health from the perspective that intense emotions and trauma reside not only in our surface level thoughts, but also throughout the nervous system and tissues. Because trauma exists within the body on a subconscious level, it requires body-focused intervention.

By using muscle testing (kinesiology) and deductive reasoning, we can find the origin of pain in the subconscious and then use tools to balance the brain, body, and bioenergetic field. Such kinds of body awareness healing allow for transformation at a much deeper level and promote emotional regulation.

Experiential Healing Modalities

Apart from Emotional Polarity Technique™, there are many activities that can give space for teens to process their emotions through doing, feeling, and relating, instead of just thinking and talking. Being asked to answer questions by an adult who may feel unrelatable can be overwhelming for adolescents.

Hands-on therapeutic activities such as martial arts, visual arts, music therapy or sound healing, meditation and yoga, equine therapy, and gardening are some of the many ways struggling teens can heal. These activities can:

  • Encourage self-observation

  • Develop the brain to regulate impulse control

  • Promote the mind-body connection

  • Calm the nervous system and relieve stress

EPT and other body-focused activities can help reveal what the mind conceals and free up blockages that are holding your teen in repetitive, stagnant, unhealthy patterns.

EPT™ For Your Teen

The physical body is greatly influenced by your mental thoughts, internal and external dialogue, and emotions. Memories from the time you were born get stored at a cellular level and can often burrow so deeply into the subconscious that you forget they are there. These micro and macro traumas can take a major toll on the body if not addressed.

Fortunately, with my help, we can bring these toxic strongholds to the surface in order to properly analyze them. Through forgiveness statements, which have been scientifically shown to lower blood pressure, eliminate chronic pain, and lessen physical and emotional stress, you and your teen will shift to living from a state of abundance, joy, and clarity.

If you and your teen are ready to release what no longer serves you for better health and longevity, book an appointment with Jolissa Clare Holistic today – (765) 382-6996

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